About Michelle

Born and raised in Twinsburg, Ohio, I found my passion when I was 14 years old while attending Twinsburg High School. I took a media class and was immediately captured by the entire process of creating a story from an idea to being watched on the television. Ever since, I have been on a cross-country journey pursing my passion of working in the sports and entertainment industry.

I attended East Carolina University and started interning my sophomore year at a local Greenville, North Carolina television station covering the ECU Pirates and high school football games. That is when I got a taste of the real world and it was confirmed that this is what I wanted to do. My senior year, I did a phone interview with NFL Films and was one of 20 interns chosen for the spring semester. I made the move to Mount Laurel, New Jersey and had an experience at NFL Films that I will never forget.  I worked along side of the best of the best in the sports world and was fortunate to sit in a small room listening to Steve Sabol tell us the story of how he and his father created NFL Films. The vision and the determination of those two men is admirable and has been instilled in me.

After graduation, I was hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers and was a host and editor for Steelers 24/7.  This was the first chance I had to use my creatively to bring Steeler Nation an off the field look at their favorite team and players. The long days and late nights in the edit bay were rewarding when I saw my stories on Comcast On-Demand.  After the season, I got an opportunity in the sports department at WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, a position that would test my abilities and help me grow. I worked a long side of people that I respected and mentored me and helped me fine tune my skills. Although I was thrown into the fire several times, I came out of the experience as a better reporter, videographer, editor, what ever my duty was for the day. The fast paced environment covering all professional, college, and high school sports was what I craved and every day was different.  Eventually, it came to the time that I wanted to get closer to my goal, which has always been to work for a sports network in Los Angeles.

Instead of diving in head first to the LA scene, I decided to make a move to Arizona.  I worked for a sports and entertainment show as a host, editor, videographer, and producer.  Each week, I co-hosted a morning radio show, would shoot 4 segments and edit a 30 minute television show.  All of my skills from on-air talent to production to time management were put to use in this position.

Following this job, I worked for Mandarich Media managing social media for clients.  My experience continues to grow and my skills are expanding. Currently, I am looking for my next career opportunity. No matter how difficult it has been during this journey, there has never been a doubt in my mind that I want to work in the sports industry. I have been thrown into fire at every position I have held, continuously adding new skills and building my character.  The combination of all my skills have taught me what the viewers want, like, and are searching for.  I am innovative and creative and I am looking for an opportunity to grow with a company in the sports industry where I can bring my talent, skills, and knowledge to the table.

If you would like to speak more, please visit the contact page and send me an e-mail.

“To be a star, you must walk your own path, shine your own light and not be afraid of the darkness because that’s when a star shines the brightest.”

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